“Facelift in a Day”

Conveniently located to serve The Woodlands, Houston, and Shenandoah

Non-Surgical “Face Lift in a Day”

Come enjoy a “Face Lift in a Day” with Dr. Sabrina Lahiri, The Woodlands Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  The Face Lift in a Day package is a unique experience that we offer our patients in our state of the art surgical center and medical spa.  Enjoy pampering yourself on an affordable budget.  The entire package treatment includes:

Option 1 $4200 (actual cost $5200)
Thermage of the face (smooth and tighten)
Radiesse filler- 3 syringes
RHA4- 1 syringe
Sculptra- 1 Vial

Option 2 $2950 (actual cost 4000)
Radiesse filler- 3 syringes
RHA4- 1 Syringe
Sculptra- 1 Vial
Microneedling with Sculptra

Option 3 $5400 (actual cost $6000)
Radiesse fillers- 3 syringes
Thermitight face and neck
Thermismooth eyes and brow

Call to schedule your appointment today.  We are offering a $1,500 discount for all Houston and The Woodlands residents to bring your cost down to $3,950.  The “Face Lift in a Day” is a fantastic value and great way to treat yourself, while rejuvenating your face.

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