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ThermiTight is one of the most effective non-surgical techniques for skin tightening. It heats the innermost tissue layers by using radiofrequency energy.

We all age, and as we grow older, our bodies begin to show it. Despite being a natural aspect of the aging process, loose sagging skin can take a toll on our self-esteem.

Indications of getting older may worsen in conjunction with the impact of skin damage from exposure to the sun, weight changes, changes in hormonal levels, and genetic predisposition. Here’s where ThermiTight can help.

Which Areas Can ThermiTight Rejuvenate?

The ThermiTight procedure helps to tighten loose skin and improve the look of a number of areas: 

  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Lower portion of the face

Who Can Get ThermiTight?

A person looking to get a ThermiTight treatment must have the desire to tighten their loose skin without wanting to undergo any surgery. Being a non-smoker, being in good overall health, and having realistic expectations from the procedure are also necessary.

Women who have no upcoming pregnancy or breastfeeding plans are excellent candidates for ThermiTight treatment. The best candidates have already achieved their ideal body weight and have no plans to lose or gain significant weight after their ThermiTight treatment session.

What Will Happen During Your Consultation?

Your consultation will be handled by Dr. Sabrina Lahiri; she will also perform your ThermiTight treatment session. The consultation with Dr. Lahiri will start by listening to your aesthetic goals. She will examine the areas you are concerned with to ensure that this treatment option is right for you. She will also evaluate your medical records.

Dr. Lahiri will customize a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals. She will explain the details of your treatment plan, including how the ThermiTight treatment is performed and the results you can expect.

She will also go over the aftercare instructions so you can make all necessary arrangements. Dr. Lahiri will be happy to answer any question you may have during the consultation. Once you decide to undergo a ThermiTight treatment, a date will be set for your treatment session.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Dr. Lahiri may advise you to refrain from taking medicines that increase the likelihood of bleeding, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory, CoQ10, Fish Oil, etc. before you undergo the procedure. Your intake of water should also be increased to 80-100oz per day a few days prior to the procedure because hydrated tissue is more receptive to ThermiTight.

The area under treatment will be washed at the beginning of your treatment, and local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area. Dr.Lahiri will then proceed to make very tiny incisions in the area and slip a thin cannula or probe under the skin.

The probe emits targeted radiofrequency energy that heats the tissues in the area, with thermal imaging being used to gauge the temperature of the skin and guide the procedure. The muscle and skin tissues contract and tighten, making them stronger, and subdermal fat pockets are melted and removed.

The heat boosts the production of collagen protein, which increases skin elasticity and tightness. The procedure can take anywhere between thirty minutes and one hour depending on the extent to which correction is needed in the area.

Although shrinkage and skin tightening in the area occur instantly, results may become more visible within a month, and the full extent of the outcome is usually evident in six to twelve months. Results of the procedure can last for up to three to five years, with treatments being required every few years for maintenance, since aging will still occur.

Thermitight Description
Thermitight Before and After

What Is Involved in the Recovery Process?

The patient can go home after the ThermiTight treatment session. Any activity that will impact the treatment area will be prohibited, especially rigorous physical activities.

Recovery time is about three weeks after ThermiTight. Patients are advised to wear a surgical compression garment for 10 days after the treatment. Side effects include mild to moderate swelling, numbness, tenderness in the area, and bruising. These side effects usually disappear within a few weeks, with patients resuming work, school, and other daily tasks within 10 days of undergoing the procedure.

How Much Does Thermitight Treatment Cost?

The price of a ThermiTight treatment session will be based on factors like the treatment area and the time needed to perform the procedure. If multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve the goals of the patient, this will increase the total cost of the ThermiTight treatment.

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