Breast Implant Removal

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There are a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, such as Breast Implant Removal, that our practice performs. If you are looking for a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lahiri offers breast implant removal for patients in The Woodlands, Houston, and Shenandoah.


Plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve the patient’s appearance and self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by health insurance because it is elective.

Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body, caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease. It is generally performed to improve functions, but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance.


Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that involves removing breast implants placed in the breast following breast augmentation for one of many reasons. In some cases, issues such as capsular contracture or an implant rupture may occur that requires one or both implants to be removed.

In other cases, the patient may no longer wish to have breast implants so they are permanently removed and not replaced. In these cases, breast reduction surgery or a breast lift may also be performed to improve the shape and projection of the breast following the removal of the implant.


Following your breast implant removal in The Woodlands, your breasts will be dressed and bandaged. You can expect to experience some swelling and bruising around the breasts. A surgical bra may need to be worn to help manage any swelling that occurs. Drains may also be temporarily placed in the area to help with the removal of excess fluids.

Post-operative instructions will be provided to help you throughout the process and pain can be managed with medication. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to make sure you are healing well.


Reconstructive surgery is generally covered by most health insurance policies, although coverage for specific procedures and levels of coverage may vary greatly.

There are a number of “gray areas” in coverage for plastic surgery that sometimes require special consideration by an insurance carrier. These areas usually involve surgical operations which may be reconstructive or cosmetic, depending on each patient’s situation. For example, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) — a procedure normally performed to achieve cosmetic improvement — may be covered by insurance if the eyelids are drooping severely and obscuring a patient’s vision.

During your consultation, our team can go over the price of your breast implant removal in The Woodlands and can answer any questions you have regarding insurance and the payment options available to you.


For more information on plastic surgery and the procedures Dr. Lahiri offers, please schedule a consultation and visit our practice. Dr. Lahiri is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is dedicated to providing our patients with excellent results from their breast implant removal in The Woodlands, Houston, or Shenandoah.