Fat Injections

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Almost all of us lose fullness in our facial features as we age.  The loss of youthful fullness begins in our mid-30’s and progresses from there.  In many people this atrophy results in noticeable depressions or “skeletonization” of the temples. Women can hide the area with their hair, so the defects go unnoticed.  With aging, not only does the fullness decrease, but also the skin gradually thins enough that unattractive blue/green veins become visible.  With the accompanying loss of fullness in the brow, the lateral upper eyelid and eyebrow begin to droop.
Restoring fullness to the brow lifts the outer eyebrow to a more youthful level.  In addition, the fuller temple makes the outer eyebrow more visible, giving the eye a much more open, attractive and youthful appearance.  Fat probably through new collagen formation, improves skin thickness and quality over time to hide the tortuous, obvious veins of the aging temple.

By filling in the temple hollows, adjusting the curvature of the outer eyebrow and improving the quality and thickness of the skin, fat injections or Fat Grafting is the best way to rejuvenate facial features.

The Woodlands Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lahiri is experienced in fat injections and fat grafting.  With a greater understanding of how the medical procedure works she is able to help you replenish the fullness of your facial features and help you return the youthful look to your face.

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